Solar Panel Batteries

Here comes the sun. Blue-sky solar thinking that banishes the energy blues – whatever the weather. Explore our solar panel battery solutions!

Solar Panel Battery Solutions

Excess energy generated by your solar panels can be sent back to the grid. But why not keep it for when you need it most?

HeatElectric is a main supplier for Qcells and delighted to partner this best-in-class renewables technology that looks good too.

Qcells Q.HOME CORE solar storage batteries offer the perfect energy storage solution. Available in both hybrid and AC-coupled options, they feature a high efficiency inverter and scalable battery optimised for its solar module.

Developing the technology to overcome outdated solar panels’ weather-related energy inconsistencies has opened the door for homes and businesses to secure their energy supply for the future.

Benefits of Solar Storage Batteries

There are many advantages to installing a solar batteries. You can reduce your dependency on the National Grid, as a battery will enable you to store the energy that your solar PV system and panels generate. You could then use this stored electricity at night time, when your panels are not actively producing energy.

Energy prices are seen to rise on a regular basis and are dependent on a lot of external factors. By making your own energy and having the means to store the excess for when it is needed, you can protect your household budget from rising costs from energy companies.

Using solar battery storage can allow your household’s self-consumption of electricity to increase by 60% and potentially even more. While some solar batteries have substandard guarantees and only last for around 10 years, Qcells batteries utilise SAMSUNG cells to give the highest quality, safety and longevity standards, backed up with a 15-year guarantee.

Utilising solar batteries can also help to save you money on your energy bills, and help you towards the journey to net zero, as you’ll be relying less on fossil fuels.

How much would a solar panel installation utilising Qcells batteries cost?

More and more, we are integrating our electric heating systems with Qcells solar PV and Qcells Home Core batteries and inverters to achieve excellent running costs. German engineered and backed by excellent guarantees Qcells is a world leader in the solar industry and have won a great many awards for their superior performance and manufacturing excellence.

Micro generation on your own home is the future of sustainable eco homes and such is the efficiency of our Qcells modern solar systems is that we can often lower your electric bill by up to two thirds.

A good quality Qcells solar system is a game changer now that home batteries have improved the ability to store power and use later. There are some excellent tariffs by the likes of Octopus Energy that allow you to feed back any surplus energy created and get paid for it and also to recharge your battery at night-time on a very low battery charging tariff rate.

A Qcells solar array along with Q Home Core battery and Q Home Core inverter would typically cost between £9000 - £18000, dependent upon how many solar PV panels, inverters and Q Core home batteries.

At the time of writing currently a solar system is ZERO rated for vat and so are all of our other products if purchased and installed at the same time as part of an integrated system.

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Our Solar Batteries In Detail

Technical Information

  • High performance 4.6 kW inverter
  • Hybrid and AC-coupled options available
  • Modular and scalable – each 6.86 kWh battery is up to 3 units scalable – up to 20.5 kWh
  • Samsung SDI battery cells ensure maximum safety and efficiency
  • Sleek and durable metallic silver cover
  • Enhanced 15 year warranty backed with high quality control
  • Network connectivity – check how much electricity you are generating on the go
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Maximum energy generation: Q.OMMAND maximises energy yields by incorporating real-time weather information
  • Emergency backup from blackout: automatic transfer to battery power in blackout conditions
  • Wall mounted or floor mounting brackets available


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Our range of Qcells solar batteries include the Q.HOME CORE H4 and A4. These batteries include a Q.VOLT inverter, Q.SAVE battery using SAMSUNG cells, and Q.OMMAND app control. Why not get in touch today to explore our solar battery solutions!

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