Cumbria Heating Solutions

Cumbria Heating

Here at HeatElectric, we're proud to be the number one destination for those seeking efficient and reliable systems in Cumbria. We fully understand the importance of staying comfortable and warm, especially during chilly winter months. That's exactly why we offer a full range of modern heating solutions, designed specifically for your needs.

Electric Heating Cumbria

Embrace the Advantages

Electric heating is becoming increasingly popular due to its multitude of advantages, and at HeatElectric, we specialise in delivering top-notch electric heating solutions in Cumbria. With electric heating, you can relish in accurate temperature regulation, swift heat dispersion, and enhanced energy efficiency. Our systems are meticulously crafted to optimise energy usage while guaranteeing uncompromised comfort for you.

Electric Radiators

Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimal Heating

Our selection of ELKATHERM® electric radiators exemplify the latest advancements in heating technology. These radiators seamlessly blend modern design with intelligent controls, allowing you to achieve the perfect equilibrium between warmth and energy efficiency. Equipped with highly precise thermostats, ELKATHERM® electric radiators offer meticulous temperature regulation. Additionally, features such as open-window detection and adaptive start further enhance energy conservation. These radiators proudly hold an A++ energy efficiency rating and are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and control options.

For a touch of opulence in your bathroom, our Fondital electric towel ladder radiators are the ideal choice. These radiators not only provide efficient heating but also serve as towel racks, ensuring your towels remain cosy and dry.

Instant Hot Water

Convenience at Your Command

Here at HeatElectric, we understand the significance of immediate hot water availability. That's why we offer comprehensive options for electric hot water systems in Cumbria. No matter your requirements, we possess the knowledge to design and implement a solution that efficiently and dependably meets your hot water needs. We firmly believe that Sunamp represents the future of energy-efficient water heating. With a size up to four times smaller than a comparable hot water cylinder, Sunamp offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to water heating.

Solar Panels Cumbria

Green Power for Your Cumbrian Home

Qcells solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and domestic energy storage solutions provide a sustainable and economical approach to energising your household. By harnessing the sun's energy, you can diminish your carbon footprint and seize control over your energy usage. Qcells solar PV panels skillfully transform sunlight into electricity, empowering you to fuel your electric radiators and warm your dwelling. With our Qcells home battery solutions, you can conveniently store surplus solar energy, guaranteeing a sustainable and independent power source.


Solar Panel Installers Cumbria 

Our network of solar panel installers in Cumbria are trained professionals with extensive experience in Qcells solar panel installation. We have local HeatElectric teams across the UK, who all prioritise quality and customer satisfaction to ensure you receive the best service and support throughout your solar journey.

Discover Our Local Cumbria Heating Solutions

At HeatElectric, we take immense pride in being the sole provider in Cumbria to offer a comprehensive package encompassing solar power, energy storage, electric radiators, and electric hot water solutions. Our team of skilled professionals are committed to delivering exceptional service, from the initial system design and installation to ongoing support.

When you select HeatElectric, you can have full confidence that our locally tailored Cumbria heating solutions are meticulously designed to elevate your comfort while prioritising energy efficiency. Our objective is to create sustainable heating systems that harmonise with your lifestyle and uphold your values.

Get in touch with HeatElectric today to explore the transformative potential of our array of heating solutions for your Cumbrian home. Our friendly team is prepared to guide you in discovering the ideal heating solution that fulfills your requirements and surpasses your expectations.

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