Unlocking Energy Freedom: Home Battery Storage, Even Without Solar Panels

Home battery storage lets you reserve energy for later use.
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  • Last updated 07 Nov, 2023

Curious about home battery storage, but without solar panels?

You're not alone! Home battery storage in the UK offers a whole host of benefits, regardless of whether you have solar panels or not. In this guide, we’ll explore why it's a smart choice and how it can empower your energy independence.

What is home battery storage?

Home battery storage lets you reserve energy for later use. While it's commonly associated with solar systems, you can also use home battery storage to store energy from the National Grid.

Benefits of home battery storage without solar panels

  • Lower Energy Bills

With energy prices fluctuating throughout the day, a home battery lets you take advantage of cheaper, off-peak rates. You can charge your battery during low-demand hours and use the energy during the high-demand hours, helping to save on your energy bills

  • Energy Independence

Gain control over your energy usage and costs by charging your battery when it suits you. You can use stored energy during the day, recharge the battery at night, and potentially never rely on expensive peak electricity rates again

  • Enhanced Energy Security

A home battery system can ensure you have a backup power source during power cuts. You can even prioritise essential appliances – like your fridge – ensuring you’re prepared for any outage

  • Low Maintenance

Home battery systems are typically low-maintenance and can last around 15 years, making them a valuable long-term investment

How does storing energy from the grid work?

Many energy suppliers offer a ‘time of use’ tariff, such as Economy 7. These tariffs encourage off-peak energy usage to help you save money when demand on the grid is lower. Utilising one of these tariffs to charge your home battery at a cheaper rate can reduce your energy bills.

Is installing home battery storage with solar panels a better option?

If you have a property suitable for solar panels, combining them with a home battery system offers even more advantages.

Benefits of installing battery storage with solar panels

  • Increased savings

Producing your own energy means you won’t rely as much on the grid, resulting in significant savings. Even if your solar system only covers a portion of your energy needs, you’ll still pay less for the energy you consume.

  • Independence from the grid

If you install a large enough solar array, you could gain complete energy independence, without reliance on the grid, energy prices or your supplier.

  • Lower carbon footprint

Solar energy is a renewable resource, helping to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and protect the environment

Your options

If you’re interested in exploring home battery solutions (with or without solar panels!), HeatElectric is here to help you make an informed decision.

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