Top Tips: Best Way to Heat an Office

Offices can be costly to keep warm, particularly over the colder winter months.
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Top Tips: Best Way to Heat an Office

Offices can be costly to keep warm, particularly over the colder winter months. With energy costs seemingly constantly on the rise, it’s more important than ever for businesses to take control of their energy bills, whilst also keeping the office at a comfortable working temperature.

What Is The Best Way To Heat An Office

Electric radiators and heating is the best solution for commercial office environments, and feature many benefits including easy installation, silent operation and optimum controllability. There are some additional important factors to consider when choosing a new office heating system.

Careful Heating Positioning

Choosing the correct positioning for your electric radiators is vital in ensuring maximum comfort and minimal heat loss. Having desks, chairs and other office furniture pressed up against radiators will block the flow of warm air into the room - wasting money and heat. Repositioning office furniture so that it is at least a few inches away from any radiators will help save you money and keep your office cosy and warm.

Evaluate The Size Need

The size of your office will massively impact the size of your required radiator. A smaller, lower power heater will struggle to heat a large room effectively, resulting in a chilly office and energy wastage. An oversized radiator will heat the room, however can be more costly to run, wasting money and energy. Our technical advisors can take the guesswork out of choosing the right radiator size by carrying out a free survey. Call us today on 0800 151 0959 for more information or to book today.

Choose An Efficient Heating Output

ELKATHERM® electric radiators produce heat by both convection and radiation, to provide long-lasting, comfortable warmth.

Radiant heat doesn’t use the air to transfer warmth, instead it heats objects directly. Once the surfaces of these objects are warm, they radiate the heat to other objects around the room.

Convection heating works by heating the air. Once the air in the room is warm, the heat is transferred to people in the room. These two types of heating work together seamlessly to create the perfect office temperature.

ELKATHERM® electric radiators are available in a range of power outputs from 0.5kW to 3.0kW. There’s a size, shape, power output and even colour to suit every office.

Professional Installation

HeatElectric offer a total energy solution: solar PV, solar batteries, electric radiators and electric water heating. Our team of engineers are fully trained to install your new heating with no fuss and no mess. Our NAPIT registered electricians ensure all work is carried out to the highest standards, and with minimal disruption. Once our friendly team have removed your old heating system and installed your new radiators, they will provide training on the controls and answer any questions you may have. We’re proud of our professional installation service that ensures all customers experience an easy, hassle-free step towards a greener future.

The Impact of Office Temperature on Productivity

Ambient temperature in the workplace can have a massive impact on employee productivity. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advise that the minimum temperature in an indoor workplace should usually be at least 16°C.

Cold offices can be unpleasant for employees and visitors alike. Studies have shown that 53% of employees are less productive in a cold workplace. A study by Cornell University confirmed that workers are more prone to making errors in colder environments. A cold working environment can be detrimental to your business.

Offices that are too hot are also disadvantageous. Viruses, germs and other contaminants thrive in too warm, indoor environments. This can result in employee illness, meaning higher rates of absenteeism. Environments that are too hot can also make employees sluggish and irritable.

Finding a happy medium is vital for employee wellbeing and productivity. HeatElectric’s ELKATHERM® radiators offer zone control, precise temperature management and detailed programming options to help you to create and maintain an optimal indoor temperature.

Efficient Commercial Heating with HeatElectric

Being productive in your office means being warm and comfortable. Electric heating is the best option for office environments, with its easy installation, silent operation and easy control.

ELKATHERM® electric radiators are the perfect choice for any commercial space. With 24/7 programming to suit work schedules, quick and easy installation and shapes and sizes to suit any space, ELKATHERM® heaters will warm your office to optimal temperature with ease. German engineered and A++ energy rated, they are available in a huge range of colours and style options - heating your office should be done in style!

Looking to make your office more eco friendly? HeatElectric provide a complete modern heating solution, with Qcells solar panels, solar batteries, ELKATHERM® electric radiators and SUNAMP hot water heaters.

Call us today for more information or to book your free, no-obligation survey on 0800 151 0959.

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