The Most Efficient Way To Run Central Heating

Is it cheaper to keep central heating on all day or to use it strategically?
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  • Last updated 19 Jun, 2023

The Most Efficient Way To Run Central Heating

When it comes to keeping our homes warm and comfortable, central heating plays a crucial role. However, there is a common question that arises - is it cheaper to keep central heating on all day or to use it strategically? In this article, we will delve into the most efficient ways to run central heating and explore the benefits of incorporating efficient heating solutions, such as the ELKATHERM® electric radiators offered by HeatElectric.

Is It Cheaper To Keep Central Heating On All Day?

One of the common misconceptions about central heating is the belief that keeping it on all day is more cost-effective than turning it on and off as needed. However, this is not necessarily true. Heating your home constantly, even when you are not there or during warmer periods, can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and higher bills. Instead, adopting a more strategic approach to heating can help you maximise efficiency and save money in the long run.

How To Use Central Heating Efficiently

To achieve optimal efficiency with your central heating system, consider the following key factors:

Update Your Heating Controls

Upgrading your heating controls can make a significant difference in energy efficiency. Programmable thermostats and smart heating controls allow you to set specific heating schedules, ensuring that your home is warm when you need it and reducing heat wastage when you're away.

Thermostat Settings

Setting your thermostat at an appropriate temperature can also contribute to efficiency. Each degree above the desired temperature increases energy consumption, so finding the right balance is crucial. Aim for a comfortable yet energy-efficient temperature, such as 18 degrees Celsius when occupied and lower when unoccupied.


Insulation plays a crucial role in central heating efficiency. Proper insulation acts as a barrier, preventing heat from escaping your home and cold air from infiltrating it. When your home is well-insulated, the heat generated by your central heating system stays inside, allowing it to maintain a comfortable temperature for longer periods without excessive energy consumption. Without adequate insulation, a significant amount of heat can escape through walls, roofs, and floors, leading to heat loss and the need for continuous heating to compensate. By investing in insulation, you can reduce heat wastage, minimise the strain on your central heating system, and achieve greater energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills and a more sustainable home.

Clean Your Radiator System

If you have a traditional 'wet' heating system, regular maintenance of your radiator system is essential for optimal performance. Over time, debris and sludge can accumulate within the system, affecting heat distribution and efficiency. Flushing the system and ensuring that your radiators are clean and free from obstructions can help maximise heat output and reduce energy wastage.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, it is important to consider the environmental impact of the energy sources used to power your central heating system. Fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, are commonly used to generate heat in traditional central heating systems. However, the combustion of these fuels releases greenhouse gases and contributes to air pollution, leading to climate change and adverse health effects.

Unlike traditional central heating systems that rely on fossil fuels, electric radiators can be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, or geothermal power. This means that the heat generated by electric radiators has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to heating systems that burn fossil fuels.

By connecting electric radiators to a clean energy grid, homeowners can effectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future. Investing in renewable energy sources and transitioning to clean electricity not only helps combat climate change but also promotes the development of a renewable energy infrastructure, creating jobs and supporting a greener economy.

Efficient Central Heating Solutions With HeatElectric

HeatElectric offers a range of efficient heating solutions, including their flagship product, the ELKATHERM® electric radiators. These state-of-the-art radiators are not only stylish and modern but also highly energy-efficient. With their A++ ERP rating, ELKATHERM® radiators provide exceptional heat output while consuming minimal energy.

ELKATHERM® radiators are designed with advanced technology and intelligent controls that allow precise temperature regulation. This ensures that you only use the energy required to maintain a comfortable environment, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage. The radiators are equipped with highly accurate thermostats, which contribute to their excellent energy efficiency.  ELKATHERM® electric radiators offer individual room control, allowing you to heat specific areas of your home as needed. This zoning capability can lead to further energy savings by avoiding the unnecessary heating of unoccupied spaces. Combined with the use of clean energy, electric radiators offer a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution for central heating.

Moreover, ELKATHERM® radiators come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and control options, providing flexibility and customisation to suit any interior. This versatility allows for efficient heat distribution throughout your home, ensuring that each room is heated according to your specific needs.

Incorporating ELKATHERM® electric radiators into your central heating system not only enhances energy efficiency but also provides an aesthetically pleasing and modern heating solution. With their advanced features and outstanding performance, these radiators offer an efficient and reliable way to heat your home.

Running central heating efficiently requires a combination of smart practices and adopting the right modern heating solutions. By updating your heating controls, optimizing thermostat settings, improving insulation, and ensuring a clean radiator system, you can maximise energy efficiency and reduce costs. Furthermore, choosing efficient heating products such as ELKATHERM® electric radiators from HeatElectric can significantly contribute to the overall efficiency of your heating system. Embrace these practices and solutions to enjoy a warm, comfortable home while minimizing your environmental impact and energy expenditure.

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