How to heat your bathroom efficiently

Heating your bathroom effectively is essential for your comfort, especially during the colder months. There are a range of electric heating options available.
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How you heat your bathroom is vital if you want to create a warm, calming oasis. In this guide we explore a variety of heating options, safety tips, and product recommendations.

How to heat a bathroom

Heating your bathroom effectively is essential for your comfort, especially during the colder months. There are a range of electric heating options available, including:

  • Electric radiators
    Electric radiators can be a great choice for bathrooms, and they can be fitted with towel rails too. These are best for larger bathrooms that need a higher output than towel ladders.
  • Electric towel ladder radiators
    Not only do these keep your towels toasty and warm, but they also heat up your entire bathroom. These are best for smaller bathrooms.

How to heat a bathroom electrically

Choosing an electric heating solution in your bathroom can be tricky, It’s vital to choose suitable heating appliances which are rated for use in wet environments. These should be installed by a qualified professional and in compliance with local regulations. We also recommend choosing a heater that features a programmable thermostat, to regulate the temperature in your bathroom effectively and ensure comfort while minimising energy consumption.

ELKATHERM® electric radiators are IPX4 rated, meaning they’re safe for use in bathrooms and are resistant to water splashes. They’re available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, control options and colours, so there’s something to match any bathroom. You can choose to add a towel hanger to your ELKATHERM® radiator to ensure you always have a warm towel to use after a bath or shower.

For smaller bathrooms, Fondital electric ladder radiators are made from aluminium, making them perfect for use in damp spaces. They’re available in four sizes to fit your bathroom perfectly, and boast thermostatic control with daily and weekly control options.

Are electric bathroom heaters safe?

Electric bathroom heaters are perfectly safe if installed and used correctly. We recommend you follow these safety guidelines:

  • Choose certified products
    Look for electric radiators that are IPX4 rated to ensure they are safe to use in damp environments, and that they meet industry standards.
  • Keep heaters away from water sources
    Bathroom heaters should be installed away from showers, bathtubs, and sinks to prevent water damage and electrical hazards.

Electric heating bathroom

Electric heating solutions can bring versatility and energy efficiency to bathroom spaces. Our electric heaters provide rapid warmth, ideal for quickly raising the temperature in the room on chilly winter mornings. They can be wall mounted to maximise floor space, and can be run to programmes ensuring your bathroom is always warm and toasty when you wake up.

Electric heating for bathroom

When looking for electric heating for your bathroom, be sure to check the energy saving features of the heaters. ELKATHERM® electric radiators feature a range of energy-saving features including open window detection and adaptive start. The radiators are German manufactured with an A++ energy efficiency rating, helping you to save on your energy bills while keeping your bathroom warm and comfortable.

Electric heater for bathroom wall

Wall-mounted electric radiators offer space-saving solutions for your bathroom. Ensure they are installed at a safe distance from water sources, following manufacturer guidelines. Opt for radiators with adjustable heat settings and thermostats to maintain a comfortable temperature in your bathroom.

Electric heating in bathroom

You should also ensure you choose a radiator with sufficient capacity to adequately heat your bathroom without wasting energy. This is why we recommend a free home survey – one of our advisors will look at your bathroom and recommend the best sized heater for your needs, taking into account the room size and insulation.

Electric bathroom heater with thermostat

Choose electric bathroom heaters equipped with precise thermostats for precise temperature control, and to help optimise energy usage. Adjust this thermostat to your preferred temperature to ensure a consistent and comfortable bathroom temperature.

Electric heater bathroom installation

It’s important to have your electric bathroom heaters installed by a qualified professional. Our installers are NAPIT registered, and we’re a Which? Trusted Trader for our high standards of customer service. We’re also proud to be Trustmark accredited.

Electric heated bathroom towel rail

Our Fondital electric heated towel rails offer luxurious warmth while keeping your towels warm and dry. Bathrooms should be a place of relaxation and pampering. With thermostatic control, daily and weekly programming options, and a simple-to-use remote control, the Fondital range will heat your towels and your bathrooms at the same time, ensuring there’s always a warm towel available during your relaxation time.

Get in touch today to book your free home survey and to make your bathroom a relaxing oasis.

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