Making the Switch: Eco Heating For Old Houses

Heating an older house efficiently and sustainably can be a challenge.
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  • Last updated 29 Aug, 2023

Eco Heating for Old Houses

Heating an older house efficiently and sustainably can be a challenge. Choosing the right heating system is vital to achieve eco-friendly comfort.

What is the most efficient way to heat an old house?

Heating an old home comes with unique challenges, due to insulation issues and architectual features. The most efficient approach involves a combination of optimising your energy usage and utilising advanced heating solutions.

Many older homes have windows made with wooden frames and thin panes of glass. Upgrading your windows and doors can massively improve the energy efficiency of your home, in turn helping to save money on your energy bills.

Insulation is vital in order to stop heat from escaping. Increasing your loft insulation and adding wall insulation can significantly improve your home's energy efficiency. You could also fit draught excluders around windows and doors, invest in thick, heavy curtains and place rugs on wooden floors.

Upgrade to energy-efficient electric heaters

ELKATHERM®'s modern, energy-efficient electric radiators offer the perfect solution for heating old houses:

  • German A++ energy rating
  • Choose from a wide range of radiator shapes, sizes and colours to suit your home
  • Range of easy to use control options available, including smartphone app 
  • 25-year guarantee for internal heat core
  • 4-year guarantee on electrical components
  • Wall mounted or freestanding options 
  • Get better value by combining your new electric radiators with our water heating and / or solar energy packages!

Utilise smart heating and thermostats

Smart heating systems and thermoatats give you total control over your heating. Integrating smart technology into your old home's heating system can give substantial energy savings over time. Thankfully, ELKATHERM® electric radiators have you covered:

  • Each ELKATHERM® radiator contains a ceramic, fireclay smart core which heats up in minutes and stays warm for hours with minimal top ups
  • German A++ energy rating means ELKATHERM® electric radiators are at least 20% more energy efficient than a standard A-rated applicance
  • Our smartphone app lets you control your radiators remotely
  • Control each radiator's temperature individually, to ensure you don't waste heat in rooms you aren't using
  • Precise thermostat technology

Consider solar panels

Solar panels are an excellent option for making your old house more eco-friendly. Harnessing the power of the sun can help you significantly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, and can save you money on your energy bills. Qcells solar systems provide the ultimate solution:

  • Power your home for less by utilising the sun's renewable energy
  • German engineered
  • 25-year product and performance guarantee on solar panels
  • 15-year product and performance warranty on inverters and batteries
  • Increase your property value while decreasing your carbon footprint
  • Get paid for exporting excess electricity back to the grid
  • Power your electric heating for less

Heating Solutions for Old Houses with HeatElectric

We understand the unique challenges of heating older houses. Our bespoke solutions focus on combining energy efficiency and modern technology, ensuring you are warm and cosy whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. 

  • ELKATHERM® energy efficient electric radiators 
  • SUNAMP electric instant water heaters
  • Qcells solar solutions
  • Hassle free supply and fitting by a Which? Trusted Trader with hundreds of 5 star reviews
  • Fantastic service & support before and after your heating installation

Call us today on 0800 151 0959 to book your free home survey.

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