Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Wall Mounted Electric Radiators for Stylish and Efficient Heating

ELKATHERM® is a renowned brand that offers a wide selection of wall mounted electric radiators designed to provide both style and energy-efficient heating. These modern, German engineered heating solutions have gained popularity for their exceptional performance, sleek design, and advanced features. At HeatElectric, we are proud to present an extensive range of ELKATHERM® electric radiators that meet the diverse heating needs of homeowners and businesses alike.

A Harmonious Blend of Style and Functionality

ELKATHERM® electric radiators not only excel in terms of appearance but also offer cutting-edge functionality. Equipped with advanced technologies, they provide precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort while minimising energy consumption. Their intuitive controls and programmable timers enable users to easily set heating schedules according to their preferences, promoting energy efficiency and reducing heating costs.

Modern Electric Radiators Wall Mounted for Contemporary Spaces

ELKATHERM® wall-mounted electric radiators are specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics of modern interiors. With their slim and sleek profiles, these radiators seamlessly blend into any contemporary space. They are available in various finishes, colors, and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your interior design. Transform your radiators into a work of art with the Pintura range, giving you the option to add any image of your choice to the front of your radiator. You can even opt to turn your radiator into a mirror.

Features and Benefits Of Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

  • A++ ErP rating
  • 25-year guarantee for internal heat core
  • Precise temperature control for personalised comfort
  • Efficient heat distribution for uniform warmth
  • Programmable timers for convenient heating schedules
  • Adaptive start and open window detection for energy savings
  • Overheat protection and child lock for safety
  • Silent operation for undisturbed environments
  • Low maintenance and long lifespan for peace of mind
  • 4-year guarantee for electrical components

Trustworthy Quality and Warranty

ELKATHERM® is synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability. Each electric radiator undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance and durability. We stand by the quality of ELKATHERM® products, offering a 25-year guarantee on the internal heat core, and 4-year guarantee on any electrical components, to provide customers with peace of mind and assurance of long-lasting satisfaction.

Wall Mounted Energy Efficient Electric Heaters : The Future of Home Comfort

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, energy efficiency is a crucial consideration for heating solutions. ELKATHERM® electric radiators prioritise energy efficiency without compromising on heating performance. By utilising intelligent heating elements and efficient heat distribution, these radiators deliver warmth exactly where it is needed, resulting in reduced energy wastage.

ELKATHERM® radiators proudly boast an A++ ErP rating, emphasising their exceptional energy efficiency. This high energy rating signifies that ELKATHERM® radiators are designed to operate with minimal energy consumption while providing optimal heating performance. By achieving the A++ ErP classification, ELKATHERM® radiators ensure not only a comfortable living or working environment but also significant energy savings and reduced carbon footprint. With ELKATHERM® radiators, you can enjoy the benefits of efficient heating while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Choose the future. Choose ELKATHERM®

Experience the perfect blend of style, energy efficiency, and comfort with ELKATHERM® wall-mounted electric radiators. At HeatElectric, we are committed to bringing you top-notch heating solutions that not only elevate the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to a sustainable future. Get in touch today to find the ideal heating solution for your modern lifestyle.

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