Hotel Heating Systems

Hotel Energy Solutions

HeatElectric has a solution with the beautifully designed ELKATHERM® range

In order to provide guests with a cosy and pleasant environment, hotel heating systems are crucial.

From small boutiques to larger properties, hotel operators all have a common requirement – how to heat their property using a fully controllable, flexible, cost effective hotel heating system.

But one that looks good too.

HeatElectric's hotel energy solutions include the beautifully designed ELKATHERM® modern electric radiator range, with a wide choice of colours and shapes, perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and busy kitchens as well as all those public areas.

Hotel Heating System Benefits

Electric heating in hotels has the benefit of being simple to install and maintain.

Our hotel heating systems may be installed rapidly and with little interference to hotel operations because they don't need a fuel supply or combustion chamber.

Additionally, compared to other types of hotel energy solutions, electric heating systems often require less maintenance and cost less to fix because they have fewer moving parts.

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