Customer Stories

Read the stories behind our valued customers experience in moving towards warm, reliable Electric Heating

Melrose Hall

Our installers were like friends by the end of the installation - highly recommended to any company or community centre.

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Bispham Community Centre

We now save money - and we have our temperature set to what we want and when we want. It just runs like a dream!

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On the day of installation - no mess, we didn't even need to do any decorating! We have a 25 year guarantee too and our bills have actually dropped. I would definitely recommend it!

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Fountains Retirement Village

With Seventy Six new ELKATHERM® electric radiators installed in just two weeks, the residents of Fountains retirement village could not be happier (and warmer!)

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St Mary’s Church

Our experience was very good, we would recommend HeatElectric to anyone - very efficient, very reliable and the aftersales support was brilliant.

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HeatElectric came highly recommended, from start to finish after our consultation it worked out to be a really good investment for us.

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Church Of St Elisabeth

The outcome of our ELKATHERM® installation is a more modern and energy efficient church that welcomes people with pre-heated radiators before the service begins - all on an automatic temperature controlled program.

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Eric Wright Water Park

The heating system is a fantastic improvement, the app we use to control the system is extremely user friendly and I'd have no hesitation in recommending HeatElectric!

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John explains how the combination of ELKATHERM and Sunamp can be the ideal choice even for an older property

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